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If the Check Engine Light is ON ?

If the Check Engine Light is ON ?

All cars and light trucks sold in Europe have a common diagnostic system called On Board Diagnostic ll, which is referred to as OBD II. This diagnostic system monitors the basic functions of the fuel injection system, ignition system, and emission control system. When this system detects a fault in one of the components of any of these systems, or detects that the vehicle is not running efficiently, it does four things:

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OBD II system

The OBD II system records a diagnostic trouble code in its memory, so the repair technician can access these codes to facilitate a repair.


Check engine light

The system turns on the Check Engine Light, which is the same as the Service Engine Soon-Light on some vehicles. The light will stay on until the technician turns off the light when he or she repairs the problem, or the system may turn off the light when no faults are detected for several runs.


Default mode

If the fault, is serious enough, the OBD II system will put the affected system into default mode, to try to minimize any potential damage, and keep the vehicle running long enough to get you off of the road. The vehicle may run with reduced power. The check engine light may start flashing to note that damage is possible.



Temperature Gauge

If the check engine light comes on an assessment must be made to determine if you can still drive the vehicle, or if it needs to be towed to the repair facility. If the light is not flashing, and the vehicle is running well, it is likely that the vehicle can be driven. However, you should NEVER drive a vehicle with a temperature gauge reading hot, or with any indication of oil problems.

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Our technician can assist you

Our technician can assist you

There is an equipment and diagnostic fee for our technician to read and analyze the check engine light in the OBD II system. Any actual repair is a separate charge.

If the technician reads the codes, and in their judgment the trouble codes indicate a singular event such as a load of bad fuel or the gas cap was left off, the technician may simply choose to reset the light. It would be inappropriate to perform repairs that may not be needed. However, if the codes are suggestive of a specific problem, the technician will suggest a repair or further diagnostic work.

On occasion there may be so many codes in the system from past occurrences or some unusual event that the codes may not make any sense. In this case, the technician will suggest resetting the light and erasing the codes to see if any of them repeat after driving for a couple of days. In such a case, any charges to the vehicle owner are for diagnostic work and not for any repair work.

At AutoSales we ensure that we are providing the best value to our customers, while at the same time considering the precautions to ensure the health of your vehicle.


In association with Autologic

In association with Autologic

autologicAt Autosales Workshop we highly utilize Autologic Diagnostic testing systems to diagnose any and all common technical problems that can arise from road vehicles.



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